IDS18 installation asks how bright is our future

Visitors to the 2018 Interior Design Show in Toronto had the opportunity to see into the future with a provocative new installation by Toronto-based architecture firm Design Workshop Architects.

The immersive installation saw visitors enter a dark enclosure, where they encountered a forest of blade-like fixtures that asked them to react to the most promising and terrifying changes that will inform our future. Each
of these ‘trees’ offered the viewer surfaces printed on the skin of the tree that responded to the viewers’ touch, and recorded how they viewed that topic: either as one of hope or one of fear. 

Data gathered from all the inputs contributed to an illuminated meter that displayed where each individual, as well as the collective result, put visitors on the spectrum of fear and hope. The results were projected onto a screen, allowing each participant to see that although they influence the future, they must confront the reality that we will all create this future together. This installation aimed to start a dialogue about recognising change, and get people thinking about what’s next in the future of design. 

To find out more about what IDS Toronto has in store for their 2019 show, check out their website at:

A version of this article originally appeared on the IDS blog.



The installation aimed to start a dialogue about recognising change

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