Informa Exhibitions’ CEO Charlie McCurdy discusses UBM, global reach and continued growth in 2018

In a featured article in Trade Show Executive, Charlie McCurdy talks about the recent merger with UBM that created the largest B2B trade show organiser in the world and the continued growth and global reach for Informa Exhibitions in 2018.

 Informa Exhibitions’ investments in people, technology and markets over the last several years have helped build the operational capability to continue its global growth and scale. As a larger, stronger enterprise, the company will be able to continue to invest in these initiatives.

In the article, Charlie explains the rationale behind the merger, differences and similarities between Informa and UBM in various parts of the world, integrations plans, sustaining top-line growth, and the possibility of future additional mergers or add-on acquisitions.

With regards to Informa Exhibitions’ focus over the next 12 months, Charlie states, “It goes back to the overriding strategy of being a great exhibition organizer. But more fundamentally and over some period of time, it is looking at our job to make markets flow more effectively within regions and across the world.”

“Everyone who attends our shows is every day searching for products and services in all possible ways. We want to be able to coordinate their efforts a little bit better than we had before.

Click here for the full article in the August 2018 issue of Trade Show Executive

Charlie McCurdy
President and CEO, Informa Exhibitions

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