What search data says about China's make-up trends

Make-up will remain a focal point at China Beauty Expo 2018. Building on its success in 2017, China Beauty Expo (CBE) is dedicating its Hall 4 to make-up and its upstream supply chain. A recently released report provides a peek at China’s emerging make-up market trends based on Baidu-powered online searches during the January 2016 to 2017 period.

Searches for Make-up Products Grew 20%
Searches for make-up related keywords continued to rise in 2017 with the number of daily searches topping 3.4 million – a 20% increase over 2016. More than 90% of these searches were made from mobile devices. The percentage of brand product and general keyword searches remained constant year-on-year.

Peak periods for make searches occurred in October, 2016, after the Chinese New Year Gala, and in March. 'YSL Xing Chen' dominated October searches. 'The lipstick used by Dong Qing' was the top search term after the Chinese New Year. 'Eyebrow transplant' and 'eyebrow tattoo' drove heavy search volume in March.

“Limited Edition” and “Crossover” Reflect Emerging Trends
Researchers found a sharp increase in 'limited edition' and 'limited edition make up products' in the fourth quarter of 2017.
Cross promotion campaigns also helped drive search volume in 2017. Make-up brands increasingly partnered with non-beauty industries to launch new products, colors, and color schemes.

Increased Segmentation Across the Make-up Category
Search data also revealed increased segmentations across the make-up category. Reflecting this shift, the 10th Meiyi Awards at China Beauty Expo 2018 will further divide the make up category into seven sub-segments, including primer, base/foundation, concealer, lip make-up, eye make-up, eyebrow make-up, and make-up tools.
According to Baidu search data, lip products still dominate the make-up category, representing 40% of all searches – an increase of 24% over 2016. Make-up products have the second largest share of all category searches at 37%, rising only 4% from the prior year. Eye make-up ranks as the third most popular search category at 13%, a year-on-year increase of 7%.  Make-up tools accounted for only 2% of all searches, but this category grew by 42% during the year.

In 2017, the most popular lip make-up searches were 'lipstick' and 'lip balm', representing 81% of all category searches. There was also a notable increase in searches for 'lip gloss', 'lip glow', and 'lip lacquer' – up by 144% by itself.

Among the most popular product searches, three of the top six were also lip lacquer products from Giorgio Armani, YSL, Chanel, as well as Dior Addict. Giorgio Armani’s Lip Magnet and Chanel’s gloss were also popular lip glosses, reflecting growing consumer interest in lip lacquer and gloss.

Meanwhile, interest in fast alternatives to base make-up products such as air cushions, baby creams, or tone-up creams have declined based on search data.  In contrast, searches for professional base make-up products, including liquid foundation, loose setting powder, and foundation powder is on the rise. Liquid foundation has already surpassed air cushions as the most searched facial make-up product. Searches for make-up setting products such as loose setting powder and make-up setting spray also increased. Grooming also became a popular search category in 2017.

Eye shadow represented the largest share of eye make-up product searches with 38% of search volume, and year-on-year searches increased by 20%. Searches for eyebrow make-up also increased steadily.  Keywords related to eyebrow make-up and techniques increased the most. Meanwhile, search volumes for subjects like how to attach false eyelashes, how to attach double eyelid tape, and how to draw eyebrows have begun to decrease. Eye shadow has become the most frequently searched term among eye make-up techniques.

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Lip products represent 40% of all make-up searches

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